12 points goes to…Turisticki Svet!

A story about food, people and traditions from The Balkans.
5 oktober, 2017
Balkan hospitality is not a myth!
14 juni, 2018
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12 points goes to…Turisticki Svet!

We are very happy to be a part of the renowned Serbian travel and tourism magazine – Turisticki Svet.

Hope you will find it interesting.

“The public in Serbia heard of him for the first time in 2004, when he, in the name of the Swedish audience, gave 12 points to our representative in the finale of “Eurosong” in fluent Serbian. Jovan Radomir,  the star of national Swedish television station, left the hometown of Srbac in Bosnia and Herzegovina when he was two years old, but never broke the relationship with his homeland. On the contrary, he uses every opportunity to presnet the Balkans in a positive way – either through author articles he publishes in Swedish press or through the unusual autobiography cookbook “My Balkans – Food and people”. As we found out, a new cookbook is in prepreation and will be published in the spring